The Water Sports School

Karavi Schinias is situated in a beautiful waterfront location with ideal conditions for water sports. At the Water Sports school, which is recognized by the General Secretary of Athletics, beginners and advanced in windsurfing, together with the tuition and guidance of the instructors, are entering into the deep secrets of this truly magnificent sport. We are offering private lessons with qualified instructors for beginner and intermediate windsurfers. Our hourly courses are offered for one person or for small groups and include theory and practice on a simulator first and then in the water.


The calm inshore area is ideal for your first steps and soon you will want to go out along with the advanced sailors. The most perfect time of the day for a beginner to sail is normally early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the water is flat and the wind is light, but this also depends on the prevailing weather conditions. Normally at noon the wind picks up and the water turns choppy, due to the thermal wind, favoring the more advanced board sailors. Every beginner wants to go as quickly, comfortably and safely as possible. Modern equipment provides just that, because the boards are big and wide giving you the stable platform that you need without having to worry about falling into the water all the time.


The sails are small and light so a beginner has more fun than hard time and improves faster. To satisfy all ages and levels, the windsurfing school is equipped every year with brand new boards and sails. So, for the 2014 season, the Karavi Windsurfing School, after a long collaboration with Funsports shops, has been equipped again with the new range of F2, and JP boards, North Sails and NeilPryde sails. Besides windsurfing tuition for beginner and advanced sailors, the school offers windsurfing equipment rental, SUP rental (Stand Up Paddle board – equipment for paddling), as well as equipment storage facilities and a test center.


Get prepared

For a detailed weather forecast at Karavi you can click here. For more information about lessons and rentals, please contact Tasos at +306977973103, or send an e-mail at