We are strict in our choice of ingredients and non-negotiable as far as the quality of our products is concerned. For our dishes we use fresh picked fruits and vegetables, high quality meat and cheese and always fresh and hot bread, which we bake ourselves. So the taste and quality of our products is definitely the best!
At Karavi you will find different types of bread to suit your various tastes. Our baguettes are always fresh, as we toast them in our oven and deliver them to you right away, fresh and tasty, without letting them sit in our display case. With fresh out of the oven baguettes, or delicious pita bread, whether a classic order or specially made, the sandwich you choose is made from the freshest and most natural ingredients, carefully chosen with your specific preferences in mind.. Also, club sandwiches, chicken and scrumptious burgers, which you can accompany with a freshly-cut salad of your choice for a complete and balanced meal. For dessert you can choose any of our delicious sweets or ice creams, frozen yogurt, or refreshing fruit salads, perfect for summer. Bon appétit!

All the above and even more, as freshly squeezed fruit juices, sorbets, ice cold refreshments, beers, coffees, drinks and cocktails can be enjoyed in a beautiful environment overlooking the crystal waters of Schinias bay, among lush palms and listening to the best summer hits. During the weekends, various dance music events are organized on the Beach bar’s deck, with the participation and enthusiasm of everyone present. Summer means fun!!!